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Welcome to 3 Spot Technologies

Expert Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services

3 Spot Technologies is an Engineering Service Company that specializes in a comprehensive range of services, including PCB Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing. We offer end-to-end solutions for the design and development of products across diverse markets, including Networking, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Wireless, Defense, and Aerospace.

Highly skilled engineering services firm with

decades of experience

We are a leader in the field of engineering design, manufacturing & assembly services.


PCB & Hardware Design

We create schematic layouts and component placements for printed circuit boards, crucial for electronics development and functionality.

Mechanical Design

We develop precise and efficient mechanical systems, structures, and components, vital for various industries and product applications.

PCB Library Development

We help create and maintain comprehensive electronic component libraries, streamlining PCB design and ensuring accurate part selection.

Component Engineering

Our services involve selecting, sourcing, and managing electronic components to ensure reliability, availability, and compliance for PCB and product manufacturing.

EDA Conversion

We help facilitate the seamless transfer of design data between different EDA tools, enhancing design efficiency.

What we do ?

3 Spot Technologies offers various 

Manufacturing solutions

PCB Fabrication

We offer custom printed circuit board manufacturing for electronics, ensuring high-quality, precise, and efficient production.

PCB Assembly

We provide expert electronic component soldering onto printed circuit boards, crucial for building functional and reliable electronic devices.

Component Sourcing

We specialize in procuring electronic parts and components, ensuring timely and cost-effective access for PCB assembly and manufacturing.

DFx Analysis

We assess product designs for improvements in areas like cost, manufacturability, and performance, optimizing overall efficiency.

Looking for a professional and trusted engineering services partner?

3 Spot Technologies offers comprehensive engineering and nd-to-end manufacturing solutions to companies throughout the globe.

Modern Solutions

Next level quality in

Analysis services

Engineering analysis services encompass a range of specialized assessments, including SI, power integrity, and thermal analysis, to optimize the performance, reliability, and efficiency of electronic systems and components, ensuring successful product development.

SI Analysis

Our Signal Integrity analysis services assess and optimize electronic signal transmission to ensure data accuracy and performance in complex PCB designs.

Power Integrity Analysis

We help evaluate and enhance the distribution and management of electrical power in electronic systems to ensure reliability.

Thermal Analysis

We assess and optimize heat management in electronic systems, preventing overheating and ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

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